Monday, January 4, 2010


Just picked up this spice for the first time this weekend. I tossed the grocery bags in my trunk--and when I got home, I opened the trunk and the smell of the cardamom filled the whole space. When inside, I tossed the little bag of cardamom on to the counter as I was going use it in a new recipe the next morning. Walking out of my bedroom the next morning, the smell of the spice lingered in the hall and the kitchen. What power! It smelled so good, I couldn't wait to try it.

It had to be good: Bulle: heard of it? It's a swedish braided bread. Found it on a food blog and thought about it all weekend. Finally tried it and the cardamom completes the bread. It's a mildly sweet bread with a warm flavor.

I picked cardamom as a big part in my blog because I like to think it describes what I strive to be: subtle but plays an important role, nostalgic, sweet and warm.

Here goes, new adventure!!

Completely obsessed with food/food blogging/food experiementing, this blog will post recipes that I experiment with.

Thanks to America's test kitchen, excellent food bloggers and food photographers/editors for feeding my addiction and obsession.

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